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Serena Dai

Wild Sand Rat Researcher





Siôn Glyn-Jones

Consultant Hip Surgeon

Siôn Glyn-Jones read medicine at Cambridge and later conducted his clinical attachment in London. Thereafter, he went on to complete his surgical and orthopaedic training in Oxford, where he gained a DPhil. He now works as a Consultant Hip Surgeon in the Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction Service at the Nuffield...

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Mohit Dalwadi

Cell Freezing Modeller


My parents are of Indian heritage. My dad was born in Uganda and arrived in the UK in 1972 as a refugee after the expulsion of South Asians from Uganda. My mum was born in India and met my dad while visiting a friend in the UK. They married and settled just outside London, where I was born and grew up.

Kia Nobre


Professor Kia Nobre left her hometown of Rio de Janeiro with great ambivalence to study at a liberal arts college in the United States. She had wanted to study science from a young age, but wasn’t sure what area. It wasn't until she took a college course on 'brain and behaviour' that she found an area that really interested her and she became a neuroscientist.

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Tess Johnson


As a DPhil candidate in Philosophy, I am based at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. During my undergraduate studies in biology and anthropology at the Australian National University, I took an amazing class in bioethics, and discovered a love for asking the big “should” questions about scientific developments—from new reproductive technologies, to organ markets, to public health...

Shamit Shrivastava

Shamit Shrivastava

Experimental Physicist

I always wanted to be a physicist but growing up in a middle income family in India means that job prospects take first priority, so I did the balancing act of studying Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in the picturesque north-eastern city of Guwahati. There I pursued my research interests independently and took special interest in thermodynamics and nanotechnology...