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Meet the scientists

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Kit Yates


Inspirational teachers were behind Kit Yates choosing to study maths. He also liked the fact that maths was based on a set of rules that enabled you to solve different problems, rather than having to rote learn facts.

Peter Walton

Pete Walton

Climate change scientist

As a geography teacher I always wanted to equip students with the skills and knowledge to look at the world around them, ask questions about it and begin finding answers. As links between climate change and human involvement became more clearly identified and that solutions to the problems it was causing needed finding, I decided change career slightly and apply my educational skills and...

Ian Hewitt

Ian Hewitt

Applied mathematician

I did a maths degree at Oxford but I got increasingly interested in applying maths to other areas of science as I learned more about how seemingly simple equations can explain so many aspects of how things work.  Maths is a good background for studying all sorts of science, as a lot of it is about problem solving and breaking things down to their core essence.   I am now primarily interested...

Simon Hiscock profile photograph

Simon Hiscock


Prof Simon Hiscock is Director of the University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum, and a Professor of Botany in the Department of Plant Sciences.

His research focuses on using genetics and genomics to explore the fundamental processes underlying plant reproduction and evolution. He is currently working on the Senecio (ragworts, Asteraceae) and Sorbus (whitebeams, rowans and wild...

Jennifer Le Roy

Jennifer Le Roy

Chemistry Researcher

I first became interested in science while working for the Canadian Army as an infantry reservist.  I was 19 years old and had the fortune of working alongside civilian scientists on an anti-chemical warfare exercise. I was inspired by the relevance that science plays on our ability to protect civilians.

Kevin Foster


Kevin Foster is Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Oxford and is based between the Department of Zoology and Department of Biochemistry. After an undergraduate in Zoology at Cambridge, he worked in a number of Universities around the world, most recently Harvard, before coming back to Oxford in 2010. His lab combines ecological and evolutionary thinking with experiments to...