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Find out about exciting research taking place at the University in these short videos

Friday 5th Mar 2021, 10.00am

Lockdown Walks - Spring Plants

"Spring has sprung, the flowers are here, but how do they know it's the right time of year?"

Friday 29th Jan 2021, 10.30am

The RainDrop Experiment

How can we predict the future of grassland ecosystems? What's it like to be an ecologist working in the field?

Thursday 29th Oct 2020, 10.30am

Coping with voices: Being with people

Hearing voices can come in many forms – some voices are friendly, helpful, insightful and inspiring whilst others are scary, critical or commanding.

Friday 16th Oct 2020, 11.15am

Lockdown Walks - What's the secret behind Autumn colours?

Woolly jumpers, pumpkin-picking, steaming mugs of cocoa - there are lots of things to love about Autumn (or Fall for our North American friends)! And surely nothing can beat those beautiful Autumn colours? But what's the secret behind those amazing hues of red, orange and yellow?


Explore The Big Questions with experts from around the University

Do all lions sound the same?
Wednesday 3rd Mar 2021, 12.30pm

Do all lions sound the same?

If you've ever been lucky enough to hear a lion roar (whether that's at the zoo or in the wild - hopefully at a safe distance!), you'll know that it's a truly bone-shaking experience. But do lions have a unique roar, or do they all sound the same? How could knowing this help with conservation...

When did dogs become our best friends?
Wednesday 17th Feb 2021, 12.30pm

When did dogs become our best friends?

In this year's Valentine's episode, we're exploring that most special of relationships. That's right - the one between us and our dogs! We often hear pooches described as "(wo)man's best friend", but for how long has this been the case?