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Thursday 22nd Aug 2019, 09.00am

When did cats arrive in Britain?

Sunning themselves outside or curled up on our sofas …many of us have a pet cat in our homes. But do we ever pause to wonder where our feline friends came from and how long they have been by our sides?

Thursday 27th Jun 2019, 09.00am

A smart patch that promotes shoulder repair

A smart patch that promotes shoulder repair. Tearing of the rotator cuff tendons results in a debilitating and painful condition affecting around 25% of the...

Thursday 6th Jun 2019, 09.00am

Hardy Crops To Tackle Food Insecurity

Our world is getting more and more densely populated. By 2050 there’ll be nearly 10 billion people on our planet and agricultural demand is predicted to rise by 70%. So how will we ensure that every human alive gets the food they need?


Friday 12th Apr 2019, 09.00am

Viewing extreme events through social media



Explore The Big Questions with experts from around the University

Why are athletes using ketones?
Wednesday 19th Jun 2019, 09.00am

Why are athletes using ketones

It’s considered one of the hardest athletic challenges. 21 day-long stages covering around 3,500 kilometres (2,200 miles) - it’s the Tour De France.

why aren’t we dead?
Wednesday 5th Jun 2019, 09.00am

Why aren’t we dead?

There is a whole world of things out there that want us dead – we are talking microscopic invaders that want to get inside our bodies and kill us. Lucky for us we have a secret weapon to keep us alive…ANTIBODIES

In this episode we are taking a deep dive and looking at these teeny tiny...