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Find out about exciting research taking place at the University in these short videos

Thursday 19th Apr 2018, 07.45pm

Facebook LIVE - all about Mandrakes!

We went live with Dr Chris Thorogood, from the ...

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018, 09.00am

How does electricity flow through small objects?

Monday 5th Mar 2018, 12.30pm

Facebook LIVE with Katerina Johnson...

We interviewed Katerina Johnson, a DPhil student, exploring connections between the microbiome, brain and behaviour...

Wednesday 21st Feb 2018, 04.00pm

Make your own plasticine brain


Explore The Big Questions with experts from around the University

How does he brain identify voices?
Wednesday 4th Apr 2018, 03.15pm

How does the brain identify voices?

166,000 visitors, 700 competition entries and 1 live experiment! As part of the Brain Diaries exhibition, which took place at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, researchers asked the general public what they would like to find out if they had access to an MRI scanner and a team of...

Heart - Nicola Smart
Wednesday 28th Mar 2018, 03.15pm

How do you mend a broken heart?

It’s the organ that pumps our blood around our body to keep us alive…the heart. But what happens after a heart attack? If you are lucky and rushed to hospital quickly enough, you may escape with minimal damage but many patients are left with a scar that doesn’t heal. Is there any hope of fixing...