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Our immune system - the battle within

Researchers at the University of Oxford are investigating how the immune system works in order to create new treatments for diseases, such as cancer. In these lessons students can review and revise the immune system by looking at the connection between cell structure and function (KS3), creating a stop-motion animation (KS4), exploring how protein shape is important for function (KS4), and playing top trumps to learn about specific immune cell types (KS5).

KS3 - Cell Structure and Structural Adaptations
KS4 – An Animated Immune System
KS4 – Control of Immunity: Cascades of Shapes
KS5 - Immune Cell Top Trumps
In this lesson students will review cell organelle function, predict basic structural adaptations of cells based on their function and explain structural adaptations of cells in relation to organelle function.
This activity encourages students to review the action of the immune system with an emphasis on students considering the importance of shape in the activation and action of phagocytes and lymphocytes.
This top trumps activity is intended to be a fun and interactive way for students to engage with and review the content of immune cells and their function.

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