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Friday 27th Jun 2014, 08.45am
I introduce, Inside the Mind

I am a researcher in the Neurobiology of Ageing group at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, and this is my first post on my first blog - Inside the Mind! I am hoping to write about issues relating to psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience...

Bryony Graham
Molecular Biologist
Tuesday 15th Apr 2014, 08.45am
Specifying stem cells, specifically

Your blood is made up of many, many different types of highly specialized cells: white blood cells to fight infections; red blood cells to carry oxygen; and platelets to allow your blood to clot (to name but a few). Scientists now know...


Gaia Scerif

Experimental Psychologist
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Matt Sutton

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Tin Hang (Henry) Hung

Forest scientist
Dorothy Bishop

Dorothy Bishop

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Paris Stefanoudis

Marine Biologist
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Charlotte Regan

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Barley Rose Collier Harris

Forest Scientist

Jonny Brooks-Bartlett

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Ben Jones

Arboretum Curator
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Mohit Dalwadi

Cell Freezing Modeller