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Friday 27th Jun 2014, 08.45am
I introduce, Inside the Mind

I am a researcher in the Neurobiology of Ageing group at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, and this is my first post on my first blog - Inside the Mind! I am hoping to write about issues relating to psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience...

Tuesday 15th Apr 2014, 08.45am
How students see scientists: Part IV

A group of undergraduate students studying human biosciences at Petroc, a further education college in north Devon, were invited to visit the WIMM for a day. In the fourth blog from our series of posts by students who undertake work...


Dorothy Bishop

Dorothy Bishop

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Heidi de Wet

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Qihua Ling

Plant biologist
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Joe Woodman

Evolutionary ecologist

Mike Dodd

Cardiovascular Scientist

Kathrin Cohen Kadosh

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist

Alistair Miles

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Fiona Jones

Penguinologist/science communicator

Sean Elias


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