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Bryony Graham
Molecular Biologist
Tuesday 15th Apr 2014, 08.45am
Scientists, solar eclipses, and smartphones

‘Interdisciplinary collaboration’ is a phrase familiar to many scientists. It is tied into funding applications, policy decisions, and teaching. But sometimes, it is the wonder of science and science alone that...

Tuesday 25th Feb 2014, 01.00pm
Space - The Ultimate Laboratory

I’m looking for new particles not in particle colliders, but in space. Now you might think there is a bit of a size issue here, but space is actually chock full of particles. For example, one of the more mysterious particles in the Standard Model is the neutrino. Neutrinos are very, very light...


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Richard G. Compton

Physical Chemist
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Anna Brookfield

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Chris Lintott


Matthew Charles

Particle Physicist
Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson

Planetary scientist

Garret Cotter

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Brian Sheil

Geotechnical Engineer
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Clara Barker

Thin film materials scientist

Robert Taylor


Josh Nunn