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Bryony Graham
Molecular Biologist
Tuesday 15th Apr 2014, 08.45am
Scientists, solar eclipses, and smartphones

‘Interdisciplinary collaboration’ is a phrase familiar to many scientists. It is tied into funding applications, policy decisions, and teaching. But sometimes, it is the wonder of science and science alone that...

Tuesday 25th Feb 2014, 01.00pm
Physics Fan Fiction

What do theoretical particle physicists do? The first job is to identify a problem. This could be some unexplained data, or something more abstract. For example, a lot of us are working on dark matter, which boils down to a huge amount of unexplained data. We’ve spent a long time observing the...


Phil Grunewald profile image

Phil Grünewald

Engineer/Energy Researcher
Tony Watts Profile Picture

Tony Watts

Marine Geologist and Geophysicist
Chris Lintott Profile Photo

Chris Lintott

Brian Sheil profile photo

Brian Sheil

Geotechnical Engineer
Anna Brookfield profile photo

Anna Brookfield

Ache Atta-Boateng Profile Image

Aché Atta-Boateng

Cacao Tree Expert
Merel Lefferts profile photo.

Merel Lefferts

Materials Scientist
Jena Meinecke

Jena Meinecke

Ricky Sengupta profile photo

Ritwika (Ricky) Sengupta


Joelle Boutari

Experimental Physicist