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Max Taquet

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Engineer and psychiatrist

I started my career as an engineer graduating with a PhD in Engineering from the UCLouvain in Belgium. During my PhD, I became a research fellow at Harvard Medical School – an affiliation I have kept since. My research focussed on the development of brain imaging technologies to better understand neurological and psychiatric illnesses. As I wanted to learn more about the patients behind the brain scans I was seeing on the screen, I decided to study medicine, which I did as a graduate-entry student in Oxford. After graduating in 2018, I became an academic foundation doctor then an academic clinical fellow in Oxford, and more recently an NIHR Oxford Health BRC Senior Research Fellow. My research has broadened to encompass the use of mobile phone technologies, electronic health records data, and genetics, with the goal to better understand and treat mental illnesses. I now share my time between doing research and seeing patients with severe mental illnesses.

Click here to view a Royal Society of Medicine webinar about the impact of COVID on mental health in which I took part. 

Wednesday 12th May 2021, 12.30pm

Did the pandemic make us moodier?

Lockdowns, social distancing, restrictions on 'normal' activities - we've all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. But how has it impacted on our mood and mental wellbeing? We chat to Dr Max Taquet from the Department of Psychiatry about 'mood homeostasis' (the interplay between people's activities and the way they feel), and how this has been affected over the past year. He also tells us...

Did the pandemic make us moodier?