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Martin Strohmeier

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Computer Scientist

Before coming to Oxford in 2012, I studied Engineering and Economics at TU Kaiserslautern (Germany) and joined both Lancaster University's InfoLab21 and Lufthansa AG as a visiting researcher, where my love of aviation was rekindled.  

I now research the security of large systems at Oxford’s Department of Computer Science, focusing in particular on aviation and other critical infrastructures. I’ve also had a part in founding the aviation network OpenSky, which lets everyone track aircraft live while they are in the air and use the data for a wide variety of research purposes.

Wednesday 28th Nov 2018, 09.00am

Can you hack an aeroplane?

35 million flights will take off and land this year. Each flight is tracked on the ground by air traffic control and there’s technology on the plane. But what is stopping a hacker from sitting in front of their computer and disrupting the computer system? That is what a team of the University of Oxford are trying to work out. In this week’s Big Question podcast we are visiting Dr. Martin...

Can you hack an aeroplane?