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Luke Jew

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I have always been a bit of a geek, growing up watching Star Trek! My dream job as a child was to be a scientist – and now I am one!

My research focuses on making better images of the Cosmic Microwave Background, which is kind of like the faint afterglow of the Big Bang. With these better images we can more accurately figure out how the Universe started, what it is made of and how it will end.

Wednesday 31st Oct 2018, 09.00am

How do you bake a cake in a microwave?

Bakers spend years perfecting their skill to make amazing cakes! But can you do it in minutes within a microwave? To find out we look into the science of baking and met up with Luke Jew, astronomer from the department of Oxford Physics, University of Oxford to find out.

How do you bake a cake in a microwave?