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The Learning Brain

11-17 March 2019 in partnership with British Science Week and Brain Awareness Week

The Learning Brain

Are you a crammer or a planner? Grab your phone and take part in the University of Oxford's game to find out which is best!

When you open the app, you’ll be assigned either to play the game intensively for a short period of time, or repeatedly over a number of days. The University of Oxford will be collecting data about which group of people has most success in the game.

Watch the results of the fun experiment revealed live from the fMRI scanner at the University of Oxford on Friday 15 March, 3.00pm. via

What else do we know about how the brain learns? Oxford neuroscientists are finding out about sleep and learning, how teenagers learn, and the amazing capacity of the brain to re-learn after stroke.

Explore via their dedicated website via:

You can download the app for iPhone at

and for Android phones at


Events taking place during the week:

Monday 11 March, 4.00pm 

Discover the latest insights from Oxford neuroscientists about how we learn. Listen to Kate Watkins on learning language, Louise Auckland on how mindfulness can help, Mark Walton on the role of reward in learning, and Heidi Johansen-Berg on the importance of physical exercise.

Wednesday 13 March, 3.30pm

Learning after stroke. Find out from Jacinta O’Shea and Tom Smejka how the brain can re-learn after an injury such as stroke. They’ll demonstrate some of the techniques they have discovered help to consolidate this type of learning.

Friday 15 March, 3.30pm 

Crammer or planner? Tune in for the big reveal: does a cramming or planning approach to learning get better results? Holly Bridge and Stuart Clare will share the data from our fun app, and put a volunteer in the scanner to see what’s happening inside their brain while they learn!