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Lauren Bandy

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Public health nutrition researcher

I did my undergraduate degree in Nutrition at King’s College London, and worked as a nutrition analyst for a private market research company for four years while I did my Masters in Food Policy at City University London. While working and doing my Masters I came up with a method that links food sales data with 'back of pack' nutrition information and realised this could be a useful research tool. I continued to develop this method for my DPhil at Oxford, which I completed last year. Broadly, I’m interested in how food and drink companies are responding to nutrition policies like voluntary reformulation targets and taxes, and the different ways we can monitor this.

Tuesday 8th Jun 2021, 03.45pm

Is a snack tax on the horizon?

Do you remember when the price of fizzy drinks in the UK went up slightly a few years ago? Soda fans, perhaps you remember all too clearly...! Well, this was because the UK government introduced a sugar tax (or the Soft Drinks Industrial Levy, to be precise), requiring manufacturers to pay a tax on sugary drinks - a cost which was then passed on to the customer. Following the success of this...

Is a snack tax on the horizon?