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Will climate change kill off the great tits?
Wednesday 28th Apr 2021, 12.30pm

Their distinctive 'teacher teacher' call is synonymous with British gardens, but great tits are facing a big problem - climate change. As our springtime becomes warmer and begins earlier, peak caterpillar abundance is also shifting earlier. As a crucial food source for great tit chicks, this is...

Can we build an eco-friendly aeroplane?
Wednesday 14th Apr 2021, 12.30pm

Remember those days when it was possible to climb aboard a plane and jet off around the world? Well, while we might be yearning for foreign shores, there's no denying that air travel comes with a big ol' carbon footprint. But is it possible to make aeroplanes 'greener'?

Lockdown Walks - Walk Your Worries Away!
Friday 9th Apr 2021, 10.30am

It's no surprise that walking is good for us physically, but did you know that walking can actually make us worry less? Taking a stroll has a positive effect on our mental wellbeing - particularly if you can get out into nature. Join Dr Jen Wild for this episode of Lockdown Walks, where she...

Why are we searching for water on the moon?
Wednesday 31st Mar 2021, 12.30pm

The moon may be the closest planetary body to us, but we still have a lot to learn about it. For example, what is the water-cycle like on an airless body such as the moon? How much water can be found there, and could we one day utilise this water for space exploration?

Lockdown Walks - Disappearing Bugs
Friday 26th Mar 2021, 11.30am

During Barley Rose's lifetime, about 75% of the world's flying insects have disappeared. Join us for this episode of 'Lockdown Walks' where she explains some of the reasons behind this loss, and shows you some of the native UK insects that are under threat.

Has lockdown made me bad at sleeping?
Wednesday 17th Mar 2021, 12.30pm

We're over a year into the coronavirus pandemic, and it's affected our lives in many ways - including, for many of us, how we sleep. You may have experienced changes to your sleep pattern (particularly if you waved goodbye to your commute last March), your quality of sleep, or even had some very...