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Kylie Vincent

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Kylie has always been fascinated by how cells function, and to get a deeper understanding she studied Chemistry at the University of Melbourne and is now applying chemical techniques to address questions in biology. Her group are particularly interested in bacteria that live on hydrogen gas as their energy source and what they can teach us about using hydrogen as a sustainable fuel. Her group are also developing ways to harness enzymes in new ways for producing complex chemicals that are hard to synthesise in the laboratory. Kylie speaks regularly in schools about careers in chemistry.

Watch this series of short videos about unlocking the power of Hydrogen 

Tuesday 18th Apr 2017, 11.00am

What can Chemists learn from nature?

Enzymes are the catalysts inside all living cells. They are responsible for speeding up chemical reactions, turning one chemical (the starter chemical) into another chemical (the product).

Nature is full of chemicals – flavours, fragrances, medicines. Living systems have been making these useful chemicals for billions of years, but usually only tiny quantities, because that’s all they need! In this animation we find out how chemists are learning from nature to create these chemicals in much larger quantities, to satisfy our...

Tuesday 24th May 2016, 08.45am

Learning 3 - Learning from nature

How can Chemistry take inspiration from nature to create cleaner and more efficient ways of producing and using Hydrogen as an energy source?