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Jessica Bruce (Leitch)

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Biomechanical Engineer

I studied Engineering at Oxford University. Whilst this is a general engineering course, the part that interested me the most was biomedical engineering. Running is my passion and I soon realised that I could combine my work with my hobby by specialising in the field of biomechanics (looking at the way that people move). I stayed at Oxford to complete a D.Phil. and investigated the biomechanics of common running injuries.

After completing my D.Phil. I wanted to try and bring the technology that I had used in my research to real clinics and real runners. I founded Run3D Limited, which develops 3D gait analysis systems that can be used outside of the gait laboratory, by real clinicians treating real runners!

Wednesday 15th Nov 2017, 09.00am

How do you run a marathon with two kids?

What do you think of when you think of running a marathon? Tired legs? Hitting that ‘wall’? Now imagine pushing a double buggy with two children inside and attempting to break a world record to do it in the fastest time. This is what Oxford University Biomechanical Engineer Jessica Bruce (Nee Leitch) attempted earlier this year. As part of The Big Questions podcast we asked: ‘How do you run a...