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Jennifer Wild

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Psychological scientist

I’m fascinated by how and why our brains over-remember the memories we most want to forget. I studied at the University of Toronto, diving deep into theories of how the brain makes memories and then overplays unwanted memories. This got me interested in post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, the severe stress reaction that afflicts soldiers and survivors of other traumatic events. 

At Oxford, I research how to prevent PTSD from developing for people who will face trauma in their line of work, such as paramedics, police officers and firefighters. Most recently, I have developed SHAPE ( for frontline healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly through the COVID pandemic.

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Friday 9th Apr 2021, 10.30am

Lockdown Walks - Walk Your Worries Away!

It's no surprise that walking is good for us physically, but did you know that walking can actually make us worry less? Taking a stroll has a positive effect on our mental wellbeing - particularly if you can get out into nature. Join Dr Jen Wild for this episode of Lockdown Walks, where she discusses some of the psychological benefits of...

Lockdown Walks - Walk Your Worries Away!