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Jennifer Le Roy

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Chemistry Researcher

I first became interested in science while working for the Canadian Army as an infantry reservist.  I was 19 years old and had the fortune of working alongside civilian scientists on an anti-chemical warfare exercise. I was inspired by the relevance that science plays on our ability to protect civilians.

In 2015 I received my PhD from the University of Ottawa, Canada, for my contributions to the field of chemical synthesis and magnetism. My interests in electronics next inspired me to jump across the pond to Oxford where I started developing new materials using molecule-scale magnets. I currently work for the Materials Department in Oxford where my main research interest focuses on building molecular-scale electronic device.

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018, 09.00am

How does electricity flow through small objects?

Single molecules are small – really small! But what if we could harness some of their abilities to conduct and control electricity to create new electronic components? Researchers at the University of Oxford are investigating just this to find more energy efficient ways to transfer information. By looking at electricity at a small scale, we can...