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Jane Langdale

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Plant Geneticist

Jane Langdale graduated from the University of Bath in 1982 with a BSc in Applied Biology specializing in microbiology. She went on to do a PhD in Human Genetics at the University of London and then postdoctoral research at Yale University on the molecular and genetic basis of plant development. 

She returned to the UK in 1990 having been awarded an Independent Research Fellowship to set up her own research group in the Plant Sciences Department at the University of Oxford.  She is currently a Professorial Research Fellow in the Plant Sciences Department and at The Queen’s College.

Jane’s research focusses on understanding the genetic mechanisms that underpin how leaves develop and how they evolved ( and she is currently co-ordinator of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded ‘C4 Rice Project’ ( She was elected a Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization in 2007 and a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2015.


Wednesday 11th Jul 2018, 10.00am

How do you grow rice faster?

Currently over three billion people depend on rice for survival, and, owing to predicted population increases and a general trend towards urbanisation, land that provided enough rice to feed 27 people in 2010 will need to support 43 by 2050.

In the hopes of meeting the food needs of billions of people around the world, scientists have taken a major step towards creating a 'supercharged...

How do you grow rice faster?