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Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

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Healthcare researcher

I didn’t start off as a scientist – rather I majored in English literature at Tufts University in the states. However, I’ve always been interested in health and healthcare and soon became involved with the Community Health programme at Tufts. My first work on tobacco was a summer job at Tufts in which I abstracted documents relating to the tobacco industry and their relationship with various labour unions. After that, I was hooked. I moved to England after graduating and worked in medical publishing for six years, but was interested in doing more of the research, so was really pleased to get a job with the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford. There, I properly caught the research bug, and I’ve been with the department for six years now, including completing a DPhil. I am passionate about communicating the results of healthcare research in an accessible way – my most recent work included a song on electronic cigarettes at the Curiousity Carnival.(link here

Tuesday 9th Jan 2018, 08.15am

Is vaping better than smoking?

E-cigarettes are the new kid on the block. They’re getting lots of attention from many scientists across the world curious to see if this is the trick that’s needed to separate 1 billion people from cigarettes! Yes, 1 billion people smoke!

When we first saw an e-cigarette, it felt like we had been transported in time - gone were the days where you light tobacco wrapped up in paper – now...

Is vaping better than smoking?