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Priyanka Dhopade

I was always interested in and good at Maths and Science, so was inclined towards a scientific discipline from a young age...


How do you build a super sewer?

What do you do when a city outgrows its 150 year old sewer system? Build a super sewer of course! Join University of Oxford...

How do you run a marathon with two kids?

What do you think of when you think of running a marathon? Tired legs? Hitting that ‘wall’? Now imagine pushing a double...

How do you teach a machine to drive a car?

You may have seen the story last year about an electric pod travelling 1.25 miles (2km) through pedestrianised areas of...

Will supersonic transport ever make a comeback?

It’s 1985 and Phil Collins, drummer and singer had a problem. He wants to play Live Aid at Wembley, London and then a few...

'Light' Part 1 - Connecting to the internet through your lights

Can we receive information through our lighting?  

Killers 2 - Keeping water flowing with smartphones

Water is essential for life. So when your only source of safe water is from a water pump you grow to depend on it. If it...

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