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Explore hundreds of resources, from DNA extractions in your kitchen to superconducting trains.

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Materials for nuclear fusion: how do you confine a sun to a box?

Nuclear fusion – energy of the future?

What is antimatter?

Antimatter has fuelled many a supernatural tale, but it's also fascinating all by itself. Many people think of it as an "...

How do you become an astronaut?

How do you become an astronaut?

Within the next few decades, humans could be leaving their footprints on the Red...

Marie Curious - Girls Exploring Science

A free one‐day science event for...


Lockdown Walks - Urban Stargazing

Think you need to be somewhere...

Lockdown Walks - The Mysteries of Ice

"On Earth when it snows...

Electric Vehicles and the Future

What does the future hold for electric vehicles? We know that they represent a cleaner, greener way of...

Lockdown Walks - What's that solar panel doing?

Have you ever walked down the street and seen a rooftop covered in black shiny panels? Ever wondered exactly what they are...

Lockdown Walks - What's up with those clouds?

If you don't think there's much left to discover on a local walk, think again! In our 'Lockdown Walks' video series,...

How do you measure pain?

We all feel pain differently. What to one person may be the worst pain in the world, might be a mild irritation to another...

Just a few...

Here's a few resources from the University you can take a look at

Find out about the Bang! science magazine, produced by members of the University

Video about making your own spectrometer so you can examine the composition of light

Transits of Venus online exhibition

Watch a talk on the exciting world of particle and accelerator physics

Victorian optical toys online exhibition

Interactive models of our solar system, Kepler-36, and Kepler-62