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Clare Bycroft

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I have a background in mathematics (Canterbury University, New Zealand), and now I am a computational scientist at Oxford specialising in human genetics (Wellcome Centre, Human Genetics).  The DNA of modern humans contains lots of information about demographic history, and my work involves using statistical and computational techniques to uncover this information from genetic data.  Recently, I have been applying such techniques to study the population history of Spain.  I was also part of the core team that curated the biggest collection of genetic data for health research in the world, the UK Biobank.

I have worked with the Natural History Museum in Oxford to develop video and interactive material for their “Settler’s” exhibition (2018). 

Thursday 8th Feb 2018, 09.00am

DNA: A Rich Tapestry

Whether it’s the way we speak, or the sports team we support, the little differences between us can carry clues to our origins.

But scientists are searching for other, more fundamental clues to our ancestry, hidden within our DNA.


Settlers Exhibition Oxford