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Clara Barker

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Thin film materials scientist

I am a thin-film material scientist who manages the Centre for Applied Superconductivity, in the Materials Science department at Oxford University. I am also the chair of the LGBT+ advisory group to Oxford University and in 2018 I won the first diversity role model award from the University. I run a youth group for LGBTI+ young people and give many talks in schools and within the University on LGBTI+ inclusion. I am a Stonewall School Role Model, and presented a talk at a TEDx London event in 2018. I am involved in many projects aimed at improving equality in STEMM subjects by supporting people of diverse backgrounds. In 2017 I won a Points of Light Award from the UK Prime Minister.


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Wednesday 27th Nov 2019, 12.30pm

Where is my hoverboard?

According to the much-loved 'Back to the Future' franchise, we should all be zipping around on hoverboards by now. As we come to terms with our disappointment that they STILL haven't hit the shelves, Dr Clara Barker from Oxford University's Materials Science department discusses the technology that would be required to build one, and we learn all about superconductors along the way.

A superconducting bulk hovers above a figure of eight track