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Charlotte Deane

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Head of Department for Statistics, Professor of Structural Bioinformatics

I completed my undergraduate education at University College, Oxford studying chemistry, completing my final year project in Graham Richards' group.I then went to the University of Cambridge to study structural bioinformatics supervised by Tom Blundell. In 2000 I published my thesis entitled "Protein structure prediction: amino acid propensities and comparative modelling".

Now, my research covers several areas in protein structure prediction and protein interaction networks, combining both theoretical work and empirical analyses. Of particular interest is the concept of protein structure evolution; predicting protein structure and understanding protein interaction networks.  

More information can be found about our research and the group, the protein informatics group here.

Wednesday 5th Jun 2019, 09.00am

Why aren’t we dead?

There is a whole world of things out there that want us dead – we are talking microscopic invaders that want to get inside our bodies and kill us. Lucky for us we have a secret weapon to keep us alive…ANTIBODIES

In this episode we are taking a deep dive and looking at these teeny tiny antibodies and asking….why aren’t we dead?

To find out we met up with the Head of the Department...

why aren’t we dead?