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Brian Zimmerman

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Chief Curator

I’ve always been a fish geek, being given an aquarium for my 5th birthday and fascinated by the aquatic world ever since.  After finishing with a degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Wisconsin, I worked as a teacher in the Peace Corps in the West Indies, teaching children about the sea.  After working in several nature-related jobs I eventually ended up at the Zoological Society of London, working in the Aquarium.  At ZSL I was able to combine my interest in fish husbandry and ecology with conservation in the field, establishing the Fish Net programme and travelling to many countries to work on freshwater fish conservation projects. 


Thursday 11th Oct 2018, 04.00pm

Where are all the Mangarahara cichlid hiding?

In the early 2000s, Brian Zimmerman and his team at London Zoo received a donation from a private fish-breeder of some Mangarahara cichlids. At the time, scientists hadn’t yet officially described the species. Not much was known about it, other than its provenance, the Mangarahara river in Madagascar. Little did the team know that within a decade they would be putting up a ‘wanted’ poster in a...

Where are all the Mangarahara cichlid hiding?