Beyond Boundaries 2020
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Aché Atta-Boateng
Emmanuelle Dankwa
Min Chen
Mohit Dalwadi
Serena Dai
Shaz Hoque

Beyond Boundaries 2020 - Competition Now Open!

Take part in this exciting ART COMPETITION, breaking down boundaries between artscience and people! Get to know some amazing scientific researchers and get inspired for your own art creation!

The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division of the University of Oxford has launched an art competition for Oxfordshire state school students in Years 5, 6, 7 & 8, to create art inspired by research from six Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic scientists. Read their fascinating stories and learn about their research. Then select one person you’re inspired by and make art based on their research!

Enter for a chance to win up to £100, see your artwork displayed in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and take part in a private awards ceremony at the museum!

Need some inspiration? View our 2018 competition artwork and researcher profiles.

Want to find out more? Check out our Competition Details.

Ready to enter? Read the Terms and Conditions, and complete the Entry Form (your parent or guardian will need to fill it out too).

Read about these researchers to create your artwork!

Emmanuelle Dankwa profile image

Emmanuelle Dankwa

Disease Outbreak Investigator

Ache Atta-Boateng Profile Image

Aché Atta-Boateng

Cacao Tree Expert

Shaz Hoque profile image

Shahnaz ('Shaz') Hoque

Nuclear Fusion Specialist

Mohit Dalwadi profile image

Mohit Dalwadi

Cell Freezing Modeller

Serena Dai profile image

Serena Dai

Wild Sand Rat Researcher

Min Chen profile image

Min Chen

Data Visualisation Scientist