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Ben Williams

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Chief Operating Officer, Centre for Innovation and Enterprise (CIE)

As a Chemical Engineering graduate of Bath University I have spent my career within the petrochemical and refining sectors, first as a process engineer then transferring to commercial roles such as technical sales, marketing and product management. I became involved with Oxford Sustainable Fuels after meeting with co-founders from Oxford University ICL. After seeing the potential for their inventions to make an impact on a global problem I was more than happy to help establish the company and be involved with development of the science to help create a viable solution for plastic waste

Thursday 4th Apr 2019, 10.30am

How do you turn a plastic bag into fuel?

There are a lot of plastic bags out there. Every year we get through 1 trillion plastic bags worldwide. quick math that means we are using 1 million bags a minute

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn this plastic into something useful- say fuel for your car? On this episode of the Big Question podcast we are looking at the world of waste and asking: how do you turn a plastic bag into...

how do you turn a plastic bag into fuel?