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Find out about exciting research taking place at the University in these short videos

Wednesday 29th Mar 2017, 10.45am

Make your own origami rocket

Start your journey of discovery by making your own origami rocket ship!

Friday 10th Mar 2017, 09.30am

Brain Development in Teenagers

As you journey from childhood into your teen years and then into adulthood, your brain is changing in ways that might explain why the teen years can be a bit of a roller coaster.

Tuesday 10th Jan 2017, 08.45am

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is all around us; on our phones, powering social networks, helping the police and doctors, scientists and mayors. But how does it work? In this animation we take a look at how statistics and computer science can be used to make machines that learn.

Monday 17th Oct 2016, 08.00am

Keeping Social Media Social

Social media has become a huge part of many of our lives. But do we really know where all that information goes? In this animation we look at the ways that research can help us understand the world on and offline through the lens of social media, and some of the questions it raises.


Explore The Big Questions with experts from around the University

What does Hollywood get right and wrong when science is in the storyline?
Tuesday 25th Apr 2017, 11.15am

What does Hollywood get right and wrong when science is in the storyline?

In this week’s episode of the Oxford Sparks Big Questions podcast we are diving into the world of TV and films and looking at what comes first: the science or the storyline?

We take a look at popular films including: Star Wars, The Martian, Gravity, Terminator, Chain Reaction as well as...

Selfie with a wild animal
Thursday 6th Apr 2017, 04.30pm

Should I take a selfie with a wild animal?

Travel companies around the world profit from some of the cruellest types of wildlife tourist attractions on earth.

Whether it is riding elephants, taking selfies with tigers, or performing dolphin shows, these activities can cause lifelong suffering for wild animals.