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Earthquakes, can we make smarter buildings?

Thursday 9th Feb 2017, 09.15am

Major earthquakes across the world have damaged or destroyed numerous buildings, bridges, and other structures. But is there a way of monitoring the building structures to see if it is at risk of falling after an earthquake has struck?

The science behind the headlines

Monday 6th Feb 2017, 11.40am

The Museum of Natural History in Oxford runs many activities to try and engage the public with scientific research, including their regular ‘Super Science Saturdays’...

What can a power ballad teach us about the sex life of a fruit fly?

Friday 27th Jan 2017, 04.15pm

Birds do it, bees do it, even the tiniest insects do it…but the sex life of certain insects might surprise you…

How students see scientists: Part XV

Monday 23rd Jan 2017, 04.17pm

In early December last year, a group of five undergraduate students from PETROC College in Plymouth visited the WIMM in order to get a taste of what life as a research scientist might really be like.

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