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The stem cell that keeps you topped up with blood

Monday 26th Jun 2017, 05.18pm

Our blood is made up of a huge number of different cell types responsible for oxygen distribution, blood clotting and fighting infection. So, have you ever wondered where all these different blood cells come from?

The slimy jelly that helps us respond to infection

Monday 26th Jun 2017, 05.17pm

A fully functioning immune system is dependent on good communication between many different types of cell. We know that one set of cells detects damage and infection, while another leaps into action to defend the body. But we weren’t entirely clear how the two ‘talked’ to each other.

How fast is Greenland moving?

Thursday 1st Jun 2017, 12.00pm

Greenland has some many fascinating facts like it’s the world's largest island, it belongs to Denmark, it actually isn’t that green but mostly covered in ice. But did you know that Greenland is actually on the move?

A zebrafish genetic toolkit to understand development

Wednesday 31st May 2017, 01.40pm

Development is complex business – from the moment a sperm fertilises an egg, a cascade of biological processes is set in motion. Small changes in this cascade can cause a number of different developmental conditions, and so trying to tease apart the stages is important to help find the...

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